Fighting for two: cancer and pregnancy: Caroline Swain's inspiring story of childbirth while battling breast cancer
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Managing mental illness in pregnancy with support and self-awareness

Posted on Thursday, November 06, 2014 by Fiasconaro Dina

I decided that I would rather struggle with anxiety than worry I was potentially harming the baby by staying on my medication.

An HIV-free generation still out of reach

Posted on Thursday, October 30, 2014 by Marianne Mullin

Across the globe, slowly but surely, improving treatments and information for pregnant women who are HIV positive are having an impact.

At the Pregnancy & Medicine Initiative, we believe future mothers should have the right to benefit from the progress of science. They should also have the right to access appropriate medical care and accurate, evidence-based information to make an informed decision about their pregnancy.

An estimated 10% of pregnant women have a chronic medical disorder that requires regular use of medicines and at least 40% of pregnant women take prescription medication at some point.* Yet there is still very little information about the short and long term effects of medicines on the baby, and on the pregnant mother. We need to work together to address this issue.
*Source: Prescribing in pregnancy—therapeutic discrimination? Drug and Therapeutics Bulletin 2013 Vol: 51(6):61-61.